Welcome New RCSJ Staff

POSTED: January 20, 2018 under Blog Staff

On January 2nd RCSJ re-opened at our permanent home following ten months in a temporary location during renovation. Now that we’re home, our next task is to expand our hours and days of operation to bring us to full capacity.

As part of that expansion, we’re thrilled to welcome three new members to our team:

Hollie Limbocker – Chef/Kitchen Manager II:

RCSJ has played a huge role in Hollie’s own personal recovery. Being a dedicated member, taking various classes and volunteering in the RCSJ kitchen lead to her official position on staff! Hollie has run her own restaurant and catering business in the past. She also brings to us 20+ years of experience as a Silicon Valley Corporate Event Coordinator and Human Resources Executive Assistant. This enabled Hollie the opportunity to manage many Community Giving Campaigns to benefit such agencies as Second Harvest Food Bank, The American Red Cross, Family Giving Tree, & Next Door Solutions. Hollie combines her extensive Corporate and restaurant business knowledge with a social attitude and caring heart. All at RCSJ feel very honored to share her expertise with our community.

Rikki Lynn Vick – Assistant Cafe Manager:

Rikki recently received her BS in Sociology from Santa Clara University with a focus on race and class inequalities. With twelve years of experience in the service industry, she is excited to serve her hometown community through one of her greatest loves: coffee. Rikki previously volunteered at RCSJ while completing her studies. As Assistant Cafe Manager, she crafts new beverages, training programs, and events for the Cafe bar, while connecting with members of Recovery Cafe San Jose.

Denise Lai – Cook/Kitchen Assistant:

Denise loves the challenge of cooking for folks who have made commitments to eat for their health. She has a love and a passion for preparation and serving in the culinary industry. Denise’s prior employment includes ten years at Hewlett Packard learning the electrical, plumbing, and carpentry trades, ten years assembly lead at Cisco Systems, fifteen years as a voluntary San Jose Police Officer Reserve, and fifteen years as a real estate investor.