Recovery Café Member Highlight – Carrie

POSTED: August 6, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

Carrie first came to the Café about a year ago but was gone while she was getting treatment at Mariposa.

“What I’m learning from the Café is gratitude. I even googled the word.” She gives a sheepish grin.

“But I’ve felt it too. The other night I was eating at a soup kitchen. We were having chicken, and I hadn’t had meat in a while. I looked up and there was a family with a child in a stroller. The child didn’t seem right somehow. That’s when the feeling hit me like a punch in the gut. I had to stop eating. The feeling spread through my whole body.”

Carrie’s face softens and her eyes fill with tears. “I suddenly realized I’m grateful that my children have enough to eat.”

Carrie doesn’t say anything for a little while. She wipes her eyes. “The Café’s helping me,” she finally says. “Being around so many grateful people here is helping.”

Article by Cindy McCalmont