Member Profile: Isaiah G

POSTED: May 22, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

What brought you to Recovery Café?

My friend Steven. He had been coming here before I was and told me it was a good place to work on recovery. I decided to come with him one day because I just needed a place to go to where I could feel safe. It has become a place to express my feelings. I needed to find new friends who wanted to be sober and I needed to find a place where I feel safe.

How has Recovery Café helped with your recovery?

It helped me to open up and meet new sober people who were just like me. All the different classes helped me feel comfortable with myself. Once I felt more comfortable with myself, it was easier for me to reach out and make new friends.

Recovery Café’s motto is “a place to belong and grow.” How has the café helped you to belong and grow?

The staff and the people here are so heartwarming and sociable. After only a short time it began to feel like I’ve know them for years. I have made so many new friends and I know that I do not have to worry about them wanting to hurt my recovery.

What School for Recovery classes have you taken and what did you like about them?

Trauma Recovery is my favorite School for Recovery class. I could talk about things from my past that other people can relate to and get to hear about other people’s past and know that I am not alone. I also can have a one-on-one with Chris which lets me go even deeper into some of my past trauma.

What would you say to someone who was considering becoming a member of Recovery Café?

You’ll feel like you’re at home.

What is your favorite part of Recovery Café?

I like open mic nights. You can express your talents in so many different ways. There is music, art, and poetry. The food is also really good and we get to see everyone from the café on the weekend!