Member Profile: Andrew S

POSTED: June 12, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

What brought you to Recovery Cafe?

My friend Michelle told me that it was a good place to come and make friends and recover from trauma.

How has Recovery Cafe helped with your recovery?

It has helped me to think more positive thoughts. It has helped me make a lot of new friends. My friends here are more stable and treat me better than my old friends.

Recovery Cafe’s motto is “a place to belong and grow.” How has the cafe helped you to belong and grow?

I feel like I belong here because I have never felt like I have belonged anywhere before. Recovery Cafe has become a family to me that actually loves me for me. I have grown emotionally with my heart and my mind. I am working now with Downtown Streets Team and learned about them from Recovery Cafe. I have been working with them for a month and a week and I got team player of the week two weeks ago. That made me feel really excited. I think coming to recovery cafe helped me go back to work because it gave me more confidence. And helps me stay sober.

What would you say to someone who was considering becoming a member of Recovery Cafe?

You should come! There are lots of ways to make friends and take classes to help you grow up. I was nervous the first time I came because I didn’t really know anyone but I met people who welcomed me with open arms.

What is your favorite part of Recovery Cafe?

Socializing with my friends. I really like my Recovery Circle with Mike. I feel like everyone is there for each other. I really like the open mic nights too!