“Is Heaven Here?”

POSTED: January 25, 2018 under Blog

“Is heaven here?” a member asked as I steamed a brand new pitcher of milk. “It must be!” was the only response I had. Heaven, magical, healing, are all words used to describe our new space and I couldn’t agree more. I have served coffee for over ten years and never have I felt more at home in a cafe.

The big difference between serving coffee in a shop and serving the members at Recovery Café San Jose is the appreciation. The coffee is slipped slower, big grins welcome satisfied sips from sturdy mugs. Café members have made this place their own, a small coffee oasis away from harm. “Thank you”s and compliments pour over into the drinks I make, everyone seems to always enjoy a cup and the company.

I am so grateful to have found Recovery Café San Jose years ago, more happy that they’ve wholeheartedly invited me to do the things I love most for others. We get the chance to serve around 30 lattes a day including drink specials such as the vanilla mocha and the ginger snap tea latte (members love their drinks sweet!).

Each donated item is utilized with great care, every drink made with compassion, and each coffee accepted with gratitude.

– Rikki Vick