Friday FUN-day

POSTED: May 20, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities

“It’s three o’clock on a Friday, and the regular crowd shuffles in…”

There is a certain buzz around the Café on Friday afternoons. An energy flows about the space as Andre unloads countless ukuleles, guitars, a bass, a keyboard, a set of congas, and the occasional accordion from the back of his car. Members of our usual Friday afternoon band jam linger outside the circle room, excited to start grooving. When 3:30 hits, members burst into the circle room, right off the main Café space, and take their respective seats. John secures his accordion, Ken tunes his guitar, Andre and Collette strum their ukuleles and Anthony lightly beats the congas. The lull of music drifts out into the Café as Billy passes out copies of the lyrics to Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” to all those who wish to participate. The cohesive sound of Jam Session takes over the whole Café as the unlikely band of musicians come together in perfect harmony (most of the time!). It is the perfect way to close out the week!

Music has been the center of the Café culture since its inception. The jam session has always been an opportunity for our members and volunteers to come together and express themselves through the art of music. Talent matters not when participating in the Jam Session as all are welcomed with open arms. Whenever our members gather to make music with one another, the ordinary classroom space transforms into a space of healing and community. No matter what unique recovery challenge each individual is facing at the time, the jam session provides a setting for everyone to express themselves in a creative way. This healthy outlet of expression has allowed for personal growth in such a unique way.

So much healing from the wounds of addiction comes from unpacking one’s trauma through recovery circles and classes. We encourage our members to engage in meaningful dialogue with one another in the hopes of fostering a deep sense of fellowship and to strengthen the bonds of sober friendships. However, there is sometimes a deep need to express emotion that is impossible to articulate through words or conversation. In a similar way to the release the various art projects we offer on the Café floor throughout the week provide, music provides a catharsis that dialogue cannot. The jam session gives our members a safe environment to work through some of their challenges utilizing the alternative form of expression: music.

Come join us for our weekly Jam Session, every Friday at 3:30!