Cafe Reopens, Filled with Love

POSTED: January 24, 2018 under Blog
Photo: Photo: Members perform a Native blessing as part of our opening ceremony

January is flying past since our reopening three weeks ago, on January 2nd!

Opening day was impressive, as the Cafe was filled to capacity with returning members and volunteers, along with special guests, including our architect and design team of Steve and Desta Krong, and our general contractor William Fritz.

A group of members started our opening celebration with a Native ritual, blessing the four directions. RCSJ Founder, Dana, shared a tearful moment as part of the ritual, then shared a bit of the long journey to get RCSJ founded, funded, opened, and now fully built.

Executive Director, Ken, then thanked our building team and invited our special guests to each cut one of seven ribbons representing the teamwork it took to create the new Cafe. The scissors was handed to member, Alex, to cut the final ribbon and complete the ceremony.

In addition to lunch, all were invited to try latte drinks from our new espresso bar. For several members, this was their first taste of anything beyond basic coffee. We guarantee you, it won’t be their last. Several have already expressed interest in taking our Barista Training course which will be launched in the coming months.

In the weeks since, membership is already showing strong growth (18 people attended New Member Introduction this week!).

Last Saturday, January 20th, we had our first ever regular Saturday programming, with 30 members in attendance for lunch and a Trauma Recovery class. We are now officially open five days each week and seeing record numbers of members each day.