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POSTED: April 6, 2020 under Blog In the News

Birthdays need to be celebrated!

At Recovery Café San José, we make a big deal out of the birthdays-hugging, singing to people, clapping in appreciation.

For our 180 members, we celebrate the days of their birth.

For many of our members, we also celebrate a sobriety birthday, that day they made the courageous choice to stop using.

Birthdays need to be celebrated!

Recovery Café San José itself has a birthday. Today, April 1st RCSJ will be turning 6! Even though we are sheltering in placebecause of CoVID-19, we still want to celebrate who we are as an organization.

We are also celebrating the fact we have been able to continue to provide food, essential items and emotional support to members and other folks in need in this time of crisis.

Since a birthday bash is out this year-as well as our Annual Closing the Gap Fundraising Breakfast in May, we invite you instead to our virtual party. A two-month long party!!!

From April 1st to June 1st, we will be sending you:

  • Uplifting stories from our members.
  • Testimonials from public officials who have seen first-hand the difference the Café makes.
  • A behind-the-scenes look into Recovery Café programs.
  • Photographs and Paintings that will touch your heart.
  • Our plans for the future.

As you celebrate with us, we hope you will feel led to give, to give our members the continuing gift of healing community.

We’ll be showing our progress toward our sixth-year fundraising goal on our virtual birthday cake.

And when all of the COVID-19 social distancing is over, we’ll invite you to a real, in-person party!

Birthdays need to be celebrated.