Recovery Café San José



Proudly Announcing:

We not only enjoy the music and generosity of the San Jose Symphonic Choir, we have started our own music group! We are proud to announce the Closing the Gap Chorus! 

Here's our group practicing:





And the chorus' fearless Director, David Wells:

Chorus Director David Wells

If you'd like to know more about the Chorus, or if you want to become a member, stop by the Recovery Cafe or email Dana at




Thank You San Jose Symphonic Choir!

San Jose Symphonic Choir generously dedicated their recent concert 'Bon Voyage' on the 14th of June to the Recovery Cafe! We really appreciate the community dedication of the San Jose Symphonic Choir - it takes all of us to build a better community.


Thank You Supporters!

Our Growth Spurt through SVGives was an incredible success! Thank you to everyone who donated and shared this opportunity with their friends and family.

Together, we raised $8545