Volunteer Opportunities

At this time we are very fortunate to have a full roster of volunteers for most positions. If you are interested in volunteering, contact Marianne at volunteer@recoverycafesj.org or 408-294-2963 unless otherwise indicated, and ask to fill out an application. When volunteer positions become available, we will be happy to contact you.

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Café Companions
    Description:  A companion is literally "someone who breaks bread with another".  Cafe Companions come into the Cafe space to listen, to share a meal, to be a friend inside the Cafe to others who come there for recovery support.  Volunteer training required.  
    Interests / Skills:  ability to engage others easily;  good listener.  
  • Board Member
    Description:   The RCSJ Board holds and guides the vision, values, policies and practices of the organization.  Board members have a strong emotional commitment to RCSJ and show it through offering their wealth, work, wisdom and witness.  A full job description is available.  
    Interests / Skills:  Strategic thinking, resource development, and leadership skills.  A range of expertise is valuable on the Board including legal, accounting, personnel, and organizational leadership.  
    Meets:  monthly 
    Contact:  Ken Goldstein at  ken@recoverycafesj.org  or call 408-294-2963  
  • Community Meal Preparation and Cleaning
    Description:   Work alongside Cafe members to prepare the weekly community meal.  
    Interests / Skills:  Like to cook and help with putting together and cleaning up a great meal.  Works well as a team, flexible.  
    Meets:  Tuesdays  2-6 p.m. for cooking   6-8 p.m. for cleaning 
  • Fundraising
    Description:  A team of people who help create the biggest annual public event for Recovery Cafe SJ.  Those who serve on this group know they have helped raise a substantial amount of money to support annual operations!  This group works on finding a venue, creating a program, identifying table hosts, and growing the event.  Additional events may be considered including benefit concerts, etc.   
    Interest / Skills:  People who love planning a meaningful and fun event and watch it happen successfully!   Ability to work well on a team which will organize the details needed to do quality events – logistics, marketing and promotion, hospitality and follow-up.  
    Meets:  Call for meeting time 
  • Closing the Gap Choir Member
    Description:  Sing in a choir made up of both RCSJ members and individuals from the community.  Disparities in wealth, access to housing and jobs is creating a widening gap in our community.  We close that gap when we know and understand each other and the issues we face daily.  The choir brings people together who otherwise would not know each other - to sing and make music - together!
    Interests / skills:  love of music and singing
    Meets:  Call for rehearsal dates and times
  • Office Support
    Description: Assist "behind the scenes" with copying, filing, and/or data entry tasks. Occassional help is needed preparing large mailings, stuffing envelopes, etc.
    Meets: As needed