Our Model


A Place To Belong And Grow...

Recovery Cafe San Jose is a healing community for those who have been traumatized by addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. The Café provides the kind of resources and relationships that provide stability and healing. We recognize that recovery is at the root of both preventing and ending homelessness. For those who have successfully transitioned from the streets, the long-term support and loving community provided by the Cafe is crucial to remaining housed and sober. ​

The Benefits of Café Membership:

  • Hot meals four days each week (five days by late 2017)
  • Weekly Recovery Circles (peer-to-peer support groups)
  • Classes and workshops to learn job and life skills
  • Group activities to build social skills and inner strength
  • Connections to resources and partner agencies (housing, employment, health)
  • Relapse prevention & breaking free from addiction to drugs and alcohol

Membership is free, and open to all. The requirements to maintain one’s status are:

  • Be drug and alcohol free for 24 hours before entering the Café
  • Attend a Recovery Circle each week
  • Give back by participating in Café chores (cleaning, serving meals, etc.)

Membership in the Café Works:

According to our most recent member survey:

  • 81.3% agree that RCSJ has helped them develop relapse prevention skills
  • 86.1% report that RCSJ has been an important source of meals for them
  • 86.1% say that coming to the Cafe helped them to feel less alone

Long Term Impact:

... Increased Wellness

  • Longer periods of sobriety
  • Fewer visits to hospitals and emergency services
  • Improved use of mental health resources
... Increased Housing Stability
  • Support in navigating housing resources and applications
  • Support sustaining personal housing responsibilities and preventing evictions
... Increased Work Opportunities
  • Recovery stability increases reliability and punctuality on the job
  • RCSJ provides job support through onsite volunteers who help with job coaching
... Decreased Encounters with Law Enforcement
  • Recovery stability results in fewer encounters with law enforcement and a decrease in incarceration rates

Here's what some of our members are saying about us:

  • “I feel safe here! I can open up and say what is bothering me”
  • “Recovery Café has helped me apply for jobs and hold a job”
  • “I love coming and feeling as though I have a family”
  • “RCSJ helped me find ways to cope with my depression”


Help us expand this vision!

Our Cafe space is being remodeled in 2016 through the generous support of the City of San Jose, CDBG Grant.

Architech's rendering of the future Recovery Café

Architectural rendering of the remodeled Recovery Café by Steve Krong

Your gift supports these quality programs and services and will make a tangible impact in our members’ lives and in the health of our community.