Member Profile: Mario

POSTED: September 29, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

1) What brought you to the Recovery Cafe?

Mario heard about Recovery Cafe while he was attending 12-step meetings. Someone at the meeting informed him of the place. He heard that the Cafe was a good program to interact with other people who were facing recovery challenges.

2) How has Recovery Cafe helped you along your recovery journey?

“Recovery Cafe has helped my ability to be present as well as improving my conscious. The classes and speakers are great. The Cafe has so much to offer here.”

3) Recovery Cafe has a motto “A Place To Grow & Belong” How has Recovery Cafe helped you grow and belong?

“The Cafe has helped me gain caring friends here as well as having staff that is caring and concerned. The Cafe helped me be responsible and has given me hope. It also makes us feel like we are a part of something.”

4) What would you tell someone who was considering becoming a member of Recovery Cafe?

“The Cafe is a good place to go and get involved in by taking classes that are offered. The recovery circles are a good place to talk about our problems, talk with other addicts. The staff is very warming and welcoming.”

He is thankful to the staff and members and he is looking forward to continue growing and overcoming his addiction.