Member Profile: Daniel K

POSTED: August 21, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

What brought you to Recovery Cafe San Jose?

I came to the Café for the need to associate with my community, the resources that the Café provides, the comradery and the positive word I heard in the community.

How has Recovery Café San Jose helped you in your recovery?

The Cafe always offers a positive outlook on life and people here offer good advice. Being a member of the Café allows me to be around people that struggle like I do which reminds me that I am not alone. Attending the groups at the Café has helped me as far as keeping clean and sober and offers a better direction on ways I didn’t know about. I signed up for Downtown Streets Team this week which I learned about at the Café. The people here encouraged me to pursue my education and now I have completed 3 semesters at San Jose City College in computer applications and programming. I have maintained a 4.0.

Recovery Cafe’s moto is ‘A Place to Belong and Grow.’ How has Recovery Cafe helped you belong and grow?

Recovery café has helped me belong to a group of people. I am more of a secluded person so it took a lot to break out of myself. I feel a sense of home, sense of safety and hopeful about life.

What School for Recovery classes did you take and what did you like about them?

I took Emotional Growth and the art classes provided. The classes helped me feel connected to other people. I didn’t get around to the cooking class but I wanted too!

What would you say to someone who was considering becoming a member of Recovery Cafe?

Be open. Be honest. And enjoy. It’s a good place. The emotional relationships with other people are worth being here.  The Open Mics allowed me to share my native drumming with the members and staff – so I recommend the Open Mics! People should know that he café provides love, stability, and a place to ask for help when its needed the most.