Executive Director

Executive Director, Recovery Cafe San Jose

Recovery Cafe San Jose (RCSJ) is a healing community for those traumatized by homelessness, addiction and mental health challenges. In its 5th year, RCSJ recently completed a $1.3 million renovation and is seeking a dynamic leader to step into the exciting expansion of our transformational community, which is saving lives. RCSJ is looking for someone to join us as it continues the strong program momentum that supports the recovery and dignity of the members. RCSJ’s Executive Director will be a person with an unwavering emotional commitment to building a healing community for those traumatized by addiction, homelessness, and mental health challenges. RCSJ is based upon a proven and successful model adapted from the original Recovery Café in Seattle, is part of a growing Recovery Café Network spreading across the country, and is innovating new programs to engage its 175 Members (and growing). For more information on RCSJ, please visit http://recoverycafesj.org/. 

The Executive Director is the chief executive officer of Recovery Cafe San Jose and as such demonstrates exceptional emotional commitment to the fulfillment of our mission to continue to create a transformative recovery community.  The Executive Director will report to and work closely with the Board of Directors and staff to assure the consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives. 

In Leadership, the Executive Director will:

  • Demonstrate exceptional character to the staff, Members and larger community through a deep commitment to exemplary ethical conduct and demonstrated expertise in cultural competencies, related, but not limited to, race, gender identity, disability (physical or mental), religion, or sexual orientation.
  • Cultivate a healthy community and culture within Recovery Café San Jose and challenge the organization to live up to its vision, mission and guiding principles. 
  • Aggressively seek and secure funding to allow the Café to reach its potential. 
  • Assures that the organization has a strategic plan which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.

In Fundraising, the Executive Director will:

  • Hold primary responsibility for developing and sustaining adequate resources to support the organization through strategic fundraising and resource development practices.
  • Develop and implement a fundraising strategy for the organization.  Will lead the organization in obtaining funding resources from individual and corporate gifts, grants, foundations events and government contracts.  

In Budget and Finance, the Executive Director will:

  • Negotiate and develop proposals for government contracts and grants to support Café programs, and to do so in a way that is consistent with the mission and values of the organization.    
  • Assure that sound financial procedures and practices are followed and communicated with Financial Officer/Treasurer.  
  • Propose an annual budget to the Board; communicate the goals , initiatives and assumptions of the budget; and, conduct financial operations within the parameters of the budget approved by the Board of Directors.

In Communications, the Executive Director will: 

  • Be the public face of the organization by representing the programs and point of view of the organization to agencies, organizations, funders and the general public.
  • Establish sound working relationships and cooperative arrangements with community groups, organizations, and strategic partners.  
  • Acknowledge and maintain communication with the organization’s donors, volunteers and supporters. 

In Management of Staff, the Executive Director will:

  • Be responsible for the recruitment, employment, and development of all personnel, both paid staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure regular performance evaluations are held and exercise sound human resource practices.
  • Lead and manage staff and volunteers in a way that makes them, and the members, better. Maintain a climate which attracts, keeps, and motivates high performers who demonstrate exceptional emotional commitment to the mission of RCSJ.  

In General Administration, the Executive Director will: 

  • Maintain official records and documents, and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations.
  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field. 


The ideal candidate typically will have successfully completed an advanced degree, and/or have significant related work experience beyond a Bachelor’s Degree.  The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3-5 years of working experience as Executive Director or significant leadership position and will have:  

  • demonstrated ability to recruit, engage and support a Board of Directors
  • successfully raised funds, especially from major donors
  • successfully led fundraising campaigns for a non-profit organization in the areas of foundations, events, and government agencies
  • created and executed an organizational annual financial plan  
  • demonstrated leadership in a combined volunteer and direct-staff organization that delivers services to its Members
  • demonstrated strong communication skills and ability to motivate and draw out the best in staff, Members, volunteers and supporters
  • empathy, high EQ, and ability to work well in a team 

Compensation and Benefits:

The Executive Director role at Recovery Café San Jose is an outstanding opportunity for a highly motivated professional to assume a pivotal role in the evolution and growth of RCSJ. The organization offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

To apply send resume and cover letter to execsearch@recoverycafesj.org