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POSTED: January 25, 2018 under Blog Cafe Activities

New Assistant Cafe Manager, and expert barista, Rikki, shares the reactions of our members to our new Coffee and Espresso bar.

POSTED: October 2, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities Volunteers

What makes the RCSJ kitchen work? With donated food, lots of volunteers, great creativity, and barely any budget, Chef Doug gets nutritious meals to our members every day. In this post he tells you how he does it.

POSTED: September 15, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities School for Recovery

School for Recovery provides members the opportunity to address their challenges in a loving, supportive environment and be recognized for committing to the program. This week’s School for Recovery Awards celebration was especially meaningful.

POSTED: June 1, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities

Volunteers are the heart of Recovery Café San Jose. They are a diverse group of people who bring great compassion and truly enjoy working with our members. Volunteers range from young people in their early twenties to “young at heart” people in their eighties. Volunteers come from many walks of life and from many ethnicities making the Café rich in culture and free of discrimination.

POSTED: May 20, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities

There is a certain buzz around the Café on Friday afternoons. An energy flows about the space as Andre unloads countless ukuleles, guitars, a bass, a keyboard, a set of congas, and the occasional accordion from the back of his car. Members of our usual Friday afternoon band jam are excited to start grooving.