Cafe Renovation Progress Report

POSTED: July 12, 2017 under Blog Renovation

After several years of planning, designing, and waiting, last March the contract to renovate Recovery Cafe San Jose’s space within the First Christian Church was awarded to W.G. Fritz Construction, and the renovation finally got underway in April. We couldn’t be happier with the work so far, and with the professionalism and dedication of the team from Fritz and their subcontractors.

It’s been amazing to watch the transformation, and a bit emotional as well. Seeing the stage on which we held so many Open Mic Nights being removed was difficult. But then watching as new plumbing took root where the stage once stood, and knowing that those pipes would feed our new coffee bar and buffet tables, reminded us of the vision for where we are headed.

At this point we’re roughly halfway through the process. The demolition is complete, as is our new ADA compliant ramp and steps for our new entrance. Rough plumbing and electrical wiring has worked its way through open walls. And the framing for new walls, such as the one officially separating our Circle Room from the Church’s Sanctuary, has been completed.

Walls will be sealed up and new flooring will be installed, and our modern, commercial kitchen will soon start to take shape. It’s still a lot of work to come, but the most challenging bits (and those with the most “surprises”) should now be behind us.

As we were warned, these types of projects always take longer than initially projected. We are now looking at a completion date, most likely, in early November, which will bring us home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving in the new Cafe.

If you’d like to see more photos of the transformation, follow us on Facebook and link to this gallery.