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POSTED: December 14, 2017 under Blog Fundraising

RCSJ is now able to accept donations of stocks. If the stock has appreciated since you bought it, donating stock instead of cash could have great tax benefits to you, and a great donation to us!

POSTED: November 24, 2017 under Blog Recovery

The holidays are upon us, and with it is the presence of alcohol and stress which can be a trigger for someone who is in recovery. This blog post contains some ideas for dealing with the holiday season when in recovery.

POSTED: November 21, 2017 under Blog Renovation

RCSJ is hiring for three new positions! Our return to 80 S. 5th Street following construction, and expanding hours, means it’s time for staff to grow.

POSTED: November 18, 2017 under Blog Fundraising

RCSJ’s donors have set up a $30,000 Challenge Fund, but we only get this funding if we match through additional donations before the end of the year! We’re nearly 1/4 of the way there already. Find out how you can help.

POSTED: October 16, 2017 under Blog Fundraising Renovation

Too often people have come to expect that programs like ours will be housed in dingy places and furnished with used and worn donations. RCSJ’s message of radical hospitality means we go to the trouble to create something that says you deserve better! Read more about our efforts to furnish the new Café with care and beauty.

POSTED: October 2, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities Volunteers

What makes the RCSJ kitchen work? With donated food, lots of volunteers, great creativity, and barely any budget, Chef Doug gets nutritious meals to our members every day. In this post he tells you how he does it.

POSTED: September 29, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

Learn what brought Mario to RCSJ, and why he recommends it to others seeking to overcome their addictions.

POSTED: September 15, 2017 under Blog Cafe Activities School for Recovery

School for Recovery provides members the opportunity to address their challenges in a loving, supportive environment and be recognized for committing to the program. This week’s School for Recovery Awards celebration was especially meaningful.

POSTED: August 23, 2017 under Blog Events

Join us Saturday, September 9, for a book reading and conversation about immigration with author Gabriel Thompson. He will be discussing his new book, Chasing the Harvest – book sales will benefit RCSJ.

POSTED: August 21, 2017 under Blog Member Profiles

Daniel is a long-time RCSJ member, as well as a student at San Jose City College, and a new member of the Downtown Streets Team. He’s also brought his native drumming to our Open Mics and other events, sharing his spirit and insights with all our family. Learn more about Daniel in this blog post.