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POSTED: December 8, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

Hayden is a new member at the Cafe, and already feeling grateful for having found us, breaking his former isolation.

POSTED: December 1, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

Alicia has been taking the Café’s barista training and has hopes of working part-time at a coffee shop. “It would be really fun,” she says.

POSTED: November 20, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

Seyed is a deeply spiritual person. He walks labyrinths, reads Thomas Merton, and speaks with the wisdom of a mystic. “I am what I seek,” he says.

POSTED: November 19, 2018 under Blog Events

We are dedicating the week of Thanksgiving 2018 to Feeding the Need. Our goal this week is to raise $5,775 – the funds to necessary to provide 1,500 meals to our members.

POSTED: November 14, 2018 under Blog Events In the News

All donations made between now and December 31, 2018 will be DOUBLED thanks to our $25,000 Year-End Challenge Fund!

POSTED: November 8, 2018 under Blog Events

Many Silicon Valley companies match donations made by their employees. Find out how you can double the impact of your gift to RCSJ.

POSTED: November 6, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

RCSJ member, Cindy, shares what brought her to the Cafe, and why she’s become a mainstay in our community over the last three years.

POSTED: September 25, 2018 under Blog Cafe Activities

A new three-station computer lab is now available to Cafe members during the day to help find resources, check messages, and do other web-based work.

POSTED: August 14, 2018 under Blog Events

Mark Lundholm has brought his recovery comedy around the world. In October he’ll be bringing it to San Jose in a special benefit show for RCSJ!

POSTED: August 6, 2018 under Blog Member Profiles

Carrie talks about gratitude, and how Recovery Cafe San Jose brought to a place to understand what it really means.